Just wanted to throw these photos up and dash. Two things: (1) I am over-the-moon excited for this dress, coming very soon to Hello Holiday. (2) We were featured in the Omaha World Herald today with a fabulous write up on our decision to carry clothing at Hello Holiday that fits and flatters all the beautiful bodies our customers inhabit. Many thanks to columnist Matthew Hansen for interviewing us for this piece.

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Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone got some much needed relaxation in this weekend, even if you had to work (I feel you). Today I’m at the office having  a quiet day with Meg. Even though we’re working, today seems kind of…chill. Maybe because I came in at 2? Sorry Meg.


Just wanted to do a little update because I am so excited for my second prenatal appointment tomorrow. I’m at just about 16 weeks, and am hoping they’re going to be able to tell us ye olde gender of our child. Not getting my hopes up (I know it’s early), but one can wish.

Overall I’ve been feeling pretty good. Little tinges of discomfort in my sides here and there, I’m more tired than usual (I think I spent half of this weekend sleeping) and I am snacking constantly. I’ve found that’s what works best for me to keep feeling a-ok most of the time. I read yesterday that our child’s eyelids are no longer fused shut as of this week, and that just really struck me. It’s beginning to feel more and more real.


But enough about baby, this is a “style” blog, after all (whatever that means).  I finally bit the bullet and bought this dress on Friday. I’ve been wearing Megan’s quite a bit (she owns the black version) and I am SO HAPPY I did. The material is soft and stretchy, and not opaque at all and I can proudly report that you can wear a normal bra with it. I thought maybe it would show through the back but it doesn’t at all. I’m looking forward to wearing this a lot in the coming months ahead in my quest to purchase no actual “maternity” clothing. I think it’s pleated just enough to lay comfortably over my expanding waistline and the seam at the waist sits kind of high…so bring on the tights and cardigans to pair with this puppy.

If you read this before Tuesday, snag this style at Hello Holiday for 25% off by using code ‘JADE‘ or ‘BLACK‘ to purchase each respective hue. Cross my heart, stick a needle in my eye (none of that “hope to die” crap) you won’t regret this purchase.

xo, Sarah




Hello from Omaha’s mini-heatwave! I’ve been busy this week getting ready for my staycation on Saturday with Jon (you heard me, don’t judge), photographing all the new fall stuff that’s been rolling in for Hello Holiday (cat hats! to-die-for dresses!) and finally unpacking from our trip to market in Las Vegas. It’s been a very productive week, and I’m also getting pumped up for the second doctor appointment of my pregnancy on Tuesday.

I’m just about dying to find out the sex (for the record, I have no preference at all), but I think it’s going to be a little early to know still. Here’s to hoping that ultrasound is ultra clear.



As I mentioned, my husband Jon and I haven’t had any time to take a real vacation of any sort this year, so we’re planning a little day of relaxation on Saturday. I have all sorts of things planned and I’m hoping this dumb, end of summer heat wave we’re experiencing in Nebraska won’t ruin our plans as they are very outdoor focused. Can’t a girl get a cloudy day? Partially sunny, even?



Even though we take outfit photos almost every day, these are a few of my favorite as of late. Since it’s been so hot, I haven’t had a lot of chances to delve into Hello Holiday’s new fall stock, but I’m loving the new black and white polka dot sweater pictured above. Perfect with a comfy pair of trousers.  I’m also loving my new nameplate necklace, something I’ve wanted since I proudly sported one that said “Princess” in high school (again, no judging!). I really wanted one that said “Lorsung Tvrdik”, but the form wouldn’t let me enter all those letters for a single necklace, haha. But really, I’m obsessed with my new necklace, it hasn’t left my neck since I received it a few weeks ago.

I know it’s not even Friday, but I hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day weekend. Stay cool y’all.



Look 1 // Sweater: Hello Holiday | Trousers: Hello Holiday | Shoes: Hello Holiday (sold out) | Name Necklace: c/o ONecklace | Bow Necklace: Hello Holiday

Look 2 // Dress: Hello Holiday (on sale) | Bag: Hello Holiday (on sale) | Shoes: Hello Holiday (on sale)

xo, Sarah



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Hey everyone! I’m posting today from sweltering, sunny Las Vegas, where I’m attending the WWD Magic Marketplace. We come here twice a year along with the rest of the buying world to search for new designers to carry at Hello Holiday, and place orders with our favorites. We’re on a tight schedule today, but I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s the last day to enter H&M’s 50 States of Fashion Campaign.


It’s SO easy to enter, just post an Instagram photo showing off your best H&M style, using the hash tag #HMShopOnlineXX (replace the XX’s with your state’s abbreviation) and that’s it!  Be sure to follow H&M on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on the contest and to view the winners!

Dress: c/o H&M | Cigarette Brooch: Buried Diamond | Shoes: Kate Spade for Keds 

xo, Sarah






 Announcing the arrival of Baby Tvrdik, arriving February, 2014.

We’re so happy to finally share the news with everyone, eeek!

xo, Sarah & Jon (+1)


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It’s hard to believe that summer’s already on its last leg, and I’ve been trying my best to milk it for all its worth before the days start getting shorter. After work power-naps to make the evenings last, hour long phone gab fests on the porch while sipping lemonade and late evening walks around my neighborhood with Jon. Warm weather, I love you so.


But at the same time, I’m feeling the pull of fall, the excitement over buying a new pair of boots (we just received the most glorious, glittering boots in at Hello Holiday, coming later this week) and I’ve been slipping pants into my wardrobe more often and bringing a little jacket with me when I’m out and about.


So with my favorite J. Crew Minnie Pants (I own these puppies in three hues, eek!), I paired my new, lightweight H&M blouse, the perfect piece for the coming seasonal transition. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but there’s a big vintage-y rhinestone at the neckline (I just love little details that you might not notice at first).


If you missed my first post, you NEED-TA-KNOW that H&M just launched their online store in the US, and I’m repping Nebraska to help promote their 50 States of Fashion campaign. It’s almost too easy to enter, just post a photo on Instagram showing your best H&M style, using the hashtag #HMShopOnlineXX (replace XX with your state abbreviation, I would tag #HMShopOnlineNE, for example). And that’s it!

Check out all the goodies you can win and the official rules here, and enter as often as you like. You can also check out the other entrants from your state WHICH I LOVE, because there’s definitely going to be some familiar faces in there. And if you’re a blogger you’ll probably find a few new people to follow (I already did).



Top: c/o H&M | Pants: J. Crew | Hat: Zara | Shoes: Kate Spade (similar) | Lipstick: MAC ‘Lady Danger’

xo, Sarah


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If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (a little shameless self promotion for you there), you’ve probably noticed me hinting about some big news that’s been brewing. Some of you have had some pretty funny guesses that I won’t even get into (y’all are crazy) but today’s the day that I can finally announce that I have been selected to represent Nebraska as the sole state style blogger ambassador for H&M’s 50 States of Fashion campaign, celebrating the launch of H&M’s e-commerce in the US!





That’s right…we’ve all been waiting YEARS for this, and let me tell you that it has been next to impossible for me to keep this secret. It’s huge news. So you’re going to want to head over and shop your little heart out, but I need to tell you about a big ol’ contest H&M is throwing before you bounce.




So, the contest is all about your personal style (fantastic news, right?) and to enter, you can upload a photo of yourself wearing your fave H&M look on Instagram using the hashtag #HMShopOnlineXX. Now this is where it gets a tidbit tricky, you’ll need to plug in your state abbreviation where the XX’s are in that hashtag. If you live in Nebraska, for example, your hashtag to use is #HMShopOnlineNE (and I hope I see a bunch of my midwest ladies and gents popping up, come on Nebraska!). By entering, you’ll have a chance to win a $250 H&M gift card (if selected as finalist) or the grand prize of a trip to NYC and shopping spree of $1,000 to H&M! You can read all the official contest rules here





After you enter, visit H&M’s 50 States of Fashion site, browse the galley of entries (you know you gotta check yo’self out), “like” your favorite looks and sign up for fashion news to receive a special online discount from H&M. SO EASY. And I totally want you to win (If you need a chaperone for that NYC trip, Auntie Sarah’s got your back. I know, I’m a way generous soul.).


Dress: c/o (available in new hues!)  | Shoes: Hello Holiday | Bag: Kate Spade | Ring: Hello Holiday | Earrings: Hello Holiday | Scarf: Vintage | Hair: Rebecca Forsyth of Bungalow/8 Hairdressing 

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 12.51.44 AM

(Eeek, that’s me!) xo, Sarah


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Bonjour, bbz! Here’s one of my favorite looks as of late. I was goin’ for a little Bardot vibe with the loose curls and ribbon, although I must say that this hairdo looks better on the second day when it’s a little messier. It’s basically the same style as my Mermaid Waves tutorial, with the front pulled back into a bow.

Le Look: 

Top: H&M

Shorts: Dear Creatures via Hello Holiday (on sale!)

Shoes: Corey Lynn Calter for Seychelles via Hello Holiday

Bag + Scarf: Vintage


xo, Sarah


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Can we just talk about these dresses for a second? I am literally obsessed, over the moon with this new brand we carry, Fleet. All of their dresses are made in the USA from breathable, stretchy cotton fabrics and have POCKETS. These are a few new styles we just received and I wanted to share them. It’s a little hard to tell here, but the black and purple styles on the right have a big ol’ bow across the back –too cute!

You can shop the new collection here.

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{Look 1: Jacket, Dress, Shoes}

{Look 2: Jacket, Dress, Shoes, Bow Ring}

Don’t judge this post, I’m sleepy.

xo, Sarah

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