♥Fash Flood featured in Strawberry Freckleface’s “Babes in Nebraska” style spotlight series.
Check out ther whole series here and Fash Flood’s post here.

Fash Flood in Omaha Magazine // Photo: Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios

 ♥Fash Flood featured in Omaha Magazine’s ‘Omaha Style’ feature, summer 2010.


Dress: Princess Lasertron by Dress Forms // Photo: Scott Drickey of Minorwhite Studios

Fash Flood  featured as model for Princess Lasertron’s first line of dresses, which debuted in fall of 2010.

T-Shirt: Make Believe Clothing Co. // Photo: Erin Eppenbaugh Photography

 Fash Flood  featured as a model for Make Believe Clothing Company’s winter 2010-11 line of vintage inspired t-shirts.


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