I realized today that this tutorial was never posted here (weird) so here’s a little tutorial Rebecca and I put together awhile back on how to tease your hair. Full directions are below. Enjoy! 
1. Starting just behind your bangs, if you have them, or where you’d like your hair to start going back if you don’t, pick up a section of hair about half an inch thick and as wide as you can handle, usually 3-4 inches. Comb it straight and hold it firmly 90 degrees from where it grows, or directed forward, getting a lot of tension in your grip.
2. With the strand held taut, take your comb [we like a three row comb or a carbon comb, anything that is very sturdy and unmovable] and push down the shorter strands in the interior of your section repeatedly. This doesn’t have to be super fast and rough, just forceful.
3. Pick up a similar-sized section behind your first and repeat step 2. It’s brilliant if the sections are able to be somewhat blended together.
4. Once you’ve worked all the way beyond your crown, this usually takes 4-5 sections, elevate sections on the sides of the rows you’ve created and backcomb those as well. You want to have plenty of backcombing all throughout the top of the head to create a full, round shape rather than a strange, unnatural ‘Snooki’ or Bump-It look.
5. Once you’re finished putting in all your teasing or backcombing, your hair should look INSANE. If it scares you and you can’t understand how it will ever recover, you are on the right track. Pick up your Mason Pearson [or similar] boar and nylon mixture brush and delicately smooth the surface of all the backcombing into the shape you desire. You’re never actually digging into the rattiness, just floating the nylon bristles over the top delicately to create a smooth surface. In the photo, you see that Sarah uses just the tip of the brush for more control over the shape.
6. After the surface is smoothed, use the tail of your comb or a metal lift [pictured at top, they can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for less than $1] to manipulate the shape of your big tease without ruining anything. Lift the middle or adjust a side that’s not quite right if need be! This is also a great tool throughout the day to re-fluff if your big tease is sinking.
7. Admire your handiwork and finish with a medium hold hairspray. We love Spray de Mode by Bumble and bumble for it’s brushability, heat protection, and fabulous scent.

xo, Sarah & Rebecca

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