Wearing: Vanilla Bean Dress, Foster Frames, Sweet As Pie Mary Janes and old pink tights —I am straight DYING over this dress. Planning to wear it to Thanksgiving and a few holiday parties this year!

Despite Christmas’ alleged reputation, fall is truly the most wonderful time of the year! It’s honestly the only season when I truly enjoy getting dressed. Spring lasts for like five minutes. Midwest winters are just gross and ruin all your shoes. And I loathe summer. Just no.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately, as we prepared for and after we launched Hello Holiday on October 1st. The best perk of owning an online store is definitely dressing up in all our goodies everyday!

Wearing: Belle on the Ball Dress, HBIC Blazer, Party Girl Purse and Third Degree Heels

When cuffed, you see the red-orange lining of the sleeves on this blazer –how clever!

Wearing: Foster Frames and Two-Timin’ Polka Dot Top

I have been waiting for this top. Impatiently waiting and waiting and this week my wait is finally over! The front side and sleeves are made of sweater material, so they’re warm, and nice and stretchy at the same time. It’s the perfect top to pair with leggings or skinny jeans, since it’s a little bit longer in the back (and the back is all, “SURPRISE BITCHES, I’M POLKA DOT!”).

Wearing: Root Beer Float Dress, Sweet as Pie Mary Janes and old Hue tights

The fit of this dress is amazing, and we’re already getting requests for custom orders in extended sizes (which we will definitely fulfill, just ask)! It’s part of our emerging designer collection from designer Jane Round. I love that it’s long sleeved for fall but it’s not a super heavy fabric, so you’re not sweltering when you wear it and won’t be too hot if you pair it with a jacket. And it’s black and white so you can wear it with a million different shades of tights (I basically get dressed everyday so I can wear tights).

Wearing: St. Germain Coat, Level 99 Jeans, Third Degree Heels and Huxtable Sunglasses

This coat was featured in a Vogue Italia editorial, which is pretty major in itself. I paired it with our buttery soft Level 99 jeans, which are more affordable than really pricey denim brands but are truly great (the same? better?) quality. The perfect middle ground of affordability and long time wearability.

Wearing: Dry Martini Dress, Foster Frames and Sweet As Pie Mary Janes (Are you sensing a theme here? These are my favorite shoes!)

This dress is perfect if: (a) You have hips (b) You want to look like you have hips. I fall into the latter –look at the (albeit mini) hourglass shape it gives me. It’s a nice thick fabric too, perfect for the office or when you need to look professional but not boring.

Wearing: Green Bow Alabama Sweater, Kicks ‘n Flips Skirt, Skinny Gold Glitter Belt and Happy Birthday Glasses.

This is what I wore on the day of our launch, thus the “birth” day glasses. This sweater you guys –THIS SWEATER! I love everything about it and it’s one of those that you can tell you’ll have for a million years because it’s not at all shitty. And this is the perfect work skirt — it has both stretch and structure so you’ll be comfortable without looking too comfortable. The Pajamajeans of skirts, if you will.

Hope you enjoyed my recent looks! Back to packing orders…

xo, Sarah



4 Responses to Late September + Early October

  1. Zero Style says:

    AHHH! EVERYTHING. IS. SO. CUTE. you are so cute!

  2. Amy says:

    Love your style. We would love to use some of your pictures on our website sometime. A lot of the clothing that we sell are featured on your blog. Super Cute!!!

    • fashflood says:

      Thank you, such a sweet compliment. I also own an online store where these items are carried, so I unfortunately cannot give permission for my images to be used elsewhere.


  3. Those Foster Frames are adorable!

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